5 tips to reduce teeth staining

Tips for stained teeth

Stained TeethFact: almost all of us manage to build-up some degree of staining on our teeth. Some manage to stain teeth quicker than others. In any case, the good news is that staining of teeth itself actually causes no harm – it just doesn’t look great!

As a dentist, many people will tell me that the reason they made the appointment to see me to have their teeth cleaned is because they wanted to “get rid of the stains” – not that they were worried about tooth decay or gum disease! So, what can you do to keep the staining at bay?

Here are 5 simple tips for you to take home:

1. Keep your teeth clean.

Brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush using soft gentle pressure every morning and every night. You can of course use an electric toothbrush if you have one – just remember what I said about “gentle pressure”!.  Why? Because too much pressure and you’ll wear away the gum and expose the sensitive “root” area of the tooth. We see this on a daily basis here at Shelbourne Dental Clinic and are constantly reminding our patients to brush gently – the same pressure as writing with a soft pencil.

2. Floss between your teeth.

Teeth tend to stain pretty badly around their necks, just where they meet the gum line. This is a difficult area to clean really well with the toothbrush (especially between the teeth). Flossing every night will help to reduce the rate of build-up of nasty acid producing bacteria in plaque and minimise tooth staining.

3. Stop smoking.

This is an obvious one isn’t it! We are all pretty familiar with the “smokers teeth look” – we dentists can spot it a mile away! Obviously if you stop smoking, you will reduce the build-up of staining on your teeth. Your gum health will greatly improve too – you’ll notice a big improvement within a few short weeks. Here is a handy website to help you quit the habit – quit.ie

4. Food and Drink

Again, you’ll be familiar with this already. Avoid foods with a lot of colourant in them. If you are going to have drinks like juice and fizzy drinks, try and consume them in one sitting rather than slowly sipping them throughout the day. It is also a really good idea to give your teeth a clean approx 10-15 mins after consuming them. Another handy trick is to use a straw. Doing so will bypass the teeth and reduce the risk of acid erosion, tooth decay and staining!

5. Regular Dental Check-ups!

There… I’ve said it! Here at Shelbourne, I always tell my own patients: “the people who visit the dentist MOST regularly are the people who need the LEAST amount of treatment”.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Have your teeth cleaned regularly with your dentist or hygienist. A Scale & Polish takes about 20 minutes – you’ll leave the surgery with your teeth and gums looking and feeling great.

Mark Kelly - Dublin DentistWritten by Dr. Mark Kelly.
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