Case 3 – A Dark Tooth

Case Background

This 14 yr old chap came to visit us at the clinic in 2009. A few months previously, while play-acting in school, he received a bang to his front tooth, causing the nerve in it to die. He had the nerve taken out of the tooth (Root Canal Treatment) but you can see from the images that the tooth has darkened quite significantly. This chap is very unhappy with the appearance of the tooth now and wanted to improve the colour.

What We Did

After taking some x-rays and discussing the case with the patient and his mum, we decided that the best solution was to do some single tooth whitening (“non vital tooth bleaching”) for him.

Appearance of tooth at first visit to us.
A Dark Front Tooth
The shade of the tooth is noted before doing any treatment.
Shade Recorded
12 days later, the young lad returned with his mum to see us for a review. As you can see, there is already a massive improvement in the colour of the tooth. It almost looks identical in colour to his adjacent tooth.
Tooth Looking Better
8 days later, the young lad came back to see us for another check. Both the young lad, his parents and ourselves were delighted with this result. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the tooth is now actually ever so slightly brighter that the adjacent incisor tooth. We actually like to achieve this result as we tend to see a little relapse in the colour of the tooth in the months following treatment.

In cases like this, we always warn the patient that over time the colour can fade somewhat and that further treatment may be necessary in the future.

Whitened Tooth

Number of Visits to Clinic: 4

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