Case 4 – Replacing Leaking Metal Fillings

Case Background

This lady recently came to visit us at the clinic for a routine check-up. She was unhappy with the appearance of some old fillings at the back of her mouth. They were badly corroded and we noticed that there was some decay beneath one of the fillings. We discussed various options with the patient, including replacing the metal filling with another metal filling. The patient did not want this and so the ideal option was to use composite resin, tooth coloured filling material, to restore the teeth.

What We Did

When placing composite resin on back teeth, we like to isolate the teeth with a rubber dam (the green material you see in the photos); most patients far prefer to have treatment carried out with the rubber dam. We find that tooth coloured fillings last much longer when we place them under rubber dam.

Appearance of the old fillings.
Old Amalgam Fillings
Another view of the old fillings
Old Metal Fillings
About 45 minutes later, we had completed replacing the two fillings.
New Tooth Coloured Composite Fillings
Side view of the new fillings. Both the patient and ourselves were delighted with the result. The first molar tooth in particular was quite dark and the filling was well corroded. Thankfully, carefully replacing the filling has resulted in an excellent result and has dramatically improved the appearance here.
White Fillings

Number of Visits to Clinic: 1

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