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First Dental VisitThe first dental visit for a child can often be one of the most important of their lives; their first dental experience will often affect how they view dentistry and dental treatment as adults. Children who regularly attend a dentist will almost certainly have a much more positive view of dentistry for the rest of their lives.

Early preventive care will protect your child’s teeth and reduce the need for treatment later in life.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: When Should My Child First Attend A Dentist?

A: The consensus among many dentist now is actually “First Birthday, First Dental Visit.” At this visit the child is ‘introduced’ to the concept of visiting a dentist. It is well accepted that the earlier a child visits a dentist, the better! The child will have no preconceived ideas of what to expect; we endeavour to make this a very pleasant introduction for our little patients. They get to see the surgery, the chair, the equipment, the masks, etc. It gives the child a ‘feel’ for the surroundings.

Q: What should I expect at My Child’s First Dental Visit?

A: At this very young age, there is really very little that dental practitioners can do.  The appointment usually consists of the child, parent and dentist “getting to know each other”.  The child will get to sit in the dental chair and we can take a look in the mouth and do a brief check of the teeth and gums . Also, depending on how well the child is cooperating, we may show them some of the equipment that will be used in future visits (e.g. overhead light, dental chair and some instruments used while performing a cleaning or exam).

Childrens Visit to the DentistWe will also give mum or dad information about how diet and home care can affect the long term dental health of their child.  At the end of the appointment, our young patient will receive some stickers and a new toothbrush for being so good!

The whole point of this first dental visit is to make sure the parent is aware of what needs to be done to ensure optimal dental health for their child.  Hopefully, the visit is fun for the child so that with each subsequent visit, they are quite happy to come in and see us and allow us to check their teeth and carry out any necessary treatment.   These preventative treatments could eventually include things like taking x-rays, cleaning teeth, applying fluoride and placing fissure sealants.

Going to the dentist is fun for most children when they start going early enough to only need preventative treatment.  Not only does this treatment prevent more serious needs in the future, it also instills good dental hygiene from an early age.

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