Beautiful Smiles Create Lasting Impressions

Beautiful SmilesWhen we meet someone for the first time, it is often said that we first look at a persons eyes and front teeth.

At Shelbourne Dental Clinic, we came across a recent paper written in the Journal of Dental Research (via which explains that the face and head, along with the body, are perceived differently between men and women.

Women have their eyes noticed first by men according to the research. The Smile and Teeth were the second thing about women that was noticed by men. Those things noticed next by men about women were the body, clothing, hair and other things combined. The percentages of what men noticed first about women according to the research are indicated below:


* EYES – 39%
* SMILE – 25%
* BODY – 14%
* CLOTHING – 12%
* HAIR – 3%
* OTHER – 7%

Men have their Teeth and Smile noticed first by women according to the survey. Eyes were the second thing about men that was noticed by women. These first two things were followed in order by the clothing, hair and body and followed by other things combined. The percentages of what women noticed first about men in the survey are indicated below:


* SMILE – 40%
* EYES – 35%
* CLOTHING – 11%
* BODY – 4%
* HAIR – 4%
* OTHER – 7%

It was not surprising that a person’s teeth and smile ranked so high in the research with both women and men. We firmly believe that most people very quickly notice both beautiful smiles and poor smiles. A poor smile is greatly accented if there are missing, crooked or discolored teeth.

If you have an unsatisfactory smile which bothers you, pay a visit to your dentist! Dentists nowadays employ many modern dental techniques such as teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, implants and crowns which can be used to create confident attractive smiles.

At Shelbourne Dental Clinic here in Dublin, our team is dedicated to providing our patients with beautiful smiles which they are proud of.

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