Cosmetic Bonding and Digital Smile Design

Cosmetic bonding is one of my favourite treatments to provide here at Shelbourne. Quite often, my patients will leave the clinic almost ‘walking on air’, they’re so happy with the results. This procedure can totally change a person’s perception and feeling about their teeth and smile!

How is it used? Well, cosmetic bonding can be used to correct the following problems:

Closing Spaces

Closing gaps using dental bonding

Closing gaps using dental bonding

Fixing Chipped or Broken Teeth

Cosmetic Bonding to fix chipped teeth

Cosmetic Bonding to fix chipped teeth

Improve the Appearance & Shape of Teeth

Improving appearance using dental bonding

We improved the smile with cosmetic bonding

Cosmetic Bonding - Results

Smile following Dental Bonding

Advantages of Dental Cosmetic Bonding:

  1. Single Visit. Can (nearly always) be carried out in one appointment.
  2. Little or (in many cases) no tooth preparation.
  3. Cost effective – considerably cheaper than porcelain crowns or veneers.

Any disadvantages?

  1. If a lot of tooth is missing, crowns may be a better option (they’re stronger).
  2. Longevity. Bondings typically last 5-7 years if looked after.
  3. Aesthetics. The glaze and lustre isn’t quite as high as it is with porcelain but with modern polishing systems, this is less of an issue nowadays.

Digital Smile Design – Technology to give us a helping hand!

In cases like the one above (or when doing crowns, veneers and bridges), I sometimes like to do a Digital Smile Design (DSD) before we start. We use high quality photographs and photo editing software to do this. The technology allows me to see exactly where and how I need to place my bondings. The other great thing about DSD is that it allows my patient to see how their smile could look at the end of treatment – patients really love this as it gives them a say in how they want their teeth to look and make any necessary ‘digital adjustments’ – without touching their teeth! It often gives the patient a peace-of-mind and they know what to expect at the end of treatment.

Digital Smile Design for cosmetic bonding case

Digital Smile Design for cosmetic bonding case

Am I suitable for cosmetic bonding?

99% of patients that come into see me are suitable for this treatment in some form. If you’d like to know more about dental bonding, why not drop into see us? We’d be happy to discuss it in further detail and see if you are suitable!

Mark Kelly - Dublin DentistWritten by Dr. Mark Kelly.
Teeth not looking so great? Thinking about cosmetic bonding to improve the appearance of your smile? We’re here to help! If you’re looking for a dentist in Dublin, we’re always happy to accept new patients. You can book an appointment online or call our reception team at 01-6655900. And as always, you can email us at – during office hours we always aim to respond to queries within 30 minutes.


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