Dental Fear and Anxiety

Dental FearFor many people, a trip to the dentist is one of the greatest fears out there. Images of the dreaded dental chair, dentist with mask on, drill in hand, ready for action are quite frankly less than pleasant and enough to put many off a visit to have their teeth checked.

Genuine ‘Dental Anxiety‘ which many people combat in the waiting room is quite a serious issue. When visiting the dentist, most of us have heightened senses so simple things like the sight of the vast array of instruments, the smell of the dental surgery and the simple anticipation of pain are enough to make you put off your appointment yet one more time.

And to top it off, we’ve all heard the terrible stories from colleagues and friends about their bad experience at the dentist.

Thankfully there is plenty of good news out there that will definitely help you to fight off this dental phobia.

Advancements in medical and dental technology have evolved a great deal in the past decade; modern dental clinics no longer resemble those dark, uninviting dental surgeries of old. Reception & Waiting Areas in dental clinics are thankfully much more inviting and relaxing places than they used to be.

At many dental clinics, you will notice that there is easy listening music or television playing in the background while the dental team are working away. This will help you relax and take your mind off the dentistry. If you are coming to see us here at Shelbourne, we care so much about ensuring your experience at our clinic is a pleasant one. Our team here will explain in simple English, each step of your planned treatment and will take breaks to allow you the opportunity to sit up, take a rinse or simply have a chat!

Here at the clinic, our staff are well aware that many people feel apprehensive about their dental visit. We would however stress that if you are coming to see us and you have a dental phobia, don’t keep it to yourself! Be sure to tell the dentist or any member of our staff. We will make sure to allocate more time towards explaining the procedures to you and help allay any fears or worries you might have about your dental treatment.

Remember…. the dental team plays a key role in helping you cope with your fears. When choosing a dentist yourself, make sure you find someone who is kind, understanding and professional; they will ultimately help you overcome your fears and make your trips to the dentist pleasant experiences.

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