Healthy Diet, Healthy Teeth!

Healthy Diet Healthy TeethIt is widely acknowledged that the food & drink we consume can and will have a big impact on our overall health AND the health of our teeth. By making small changes to our diet, we can help protect our teeth from disease and decay.

Obviously, we all know the foods which aren’t so good for our teeth: anything with lots of sugar will cause damage to teeth as the presence of sugar in the mouth accelerates decay. Other foods such as crisps (high in salt) and nuts, can also be damaging for the teeth. The message is simple: “if it’s not good for your body, it’s probably not good for your teeth”.

Other food & drink can also have negative consequences for the teeth. As many of us know, things like red wine, tea and coffee can all cause tooth enamel to stain. In fact, most dark liquids will cause  staining of our teeth. Other drinks like fruit juices and soft drinks can also be very bad for the teeth because of their high sugar content. The best drink for your teeth is plenty of fresh water; this cleans the mouth and helps to wash plaque and food stuff away from the teeth. Drinking water after consuming sugars may also limit the impact it can have.

It’s been said many times over….and we’ll say it once more: eating healthy food like fruit and vegetables is best for your general health and for your teeth. These foods contain minerals & vitamins which benefit your teeth and bones and are less likely to cause decay. We should mention that after eating any food it is always a good idea to drink water or if possible, brush your teeth as food particles get stuck between your teeth and begin to decay. This is a breeding ground for plaque and bacteria which can then further damage the teeth.

Please ask us or ask your dentist for more information about healthy eating for your teeth at your next dental appointment.

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