Teeth Whitening Advice for this summer

In March of this year, the General Dental Council in the UK (the governing body for dental professionals) successfully prosecuted a non-registered dental professional for performing tooth whitening.

This ruling is likely to cause chaos and confusion amongst hundreds of unregulated, unlicensed beauty salons across the UK and Ireland, not to mention concern from patients worried about the quality and safety of the treatments they have been receiving.

For people out there considering cosmetic dental treatment and teeth whitening, the dentists and staff here at Shelbourne Dental Clinic would like to give you the following advice:

Some Useful Facts About Teeth Whitening:
1. Teeth Whitening makes up about one third of all cosmetic dental treatment carried out in Ireland and the UK.
2. All teeth naturally become discoloured with age;  very few people are actually born with naturally pearly white teeth.
3. ‘Hydrogen Peroxide’ or ‘Carbamide Peroxide’ are the active bleaching ingredients which are currently used in teeth whitening.
4. Most “DIY” teeth whitening products purchased “over the counter” do not contain enough peroxide to effectively whiten teeth.
5. Teeth whitening only works on natural teeth; Teeth Whitening will not work on dentures, crowns or veneers or teeth with large fillings.
6. Most teeth whitening treatments normally take three to four weeks to complete. Some treatments like ‘power whitening’ can be completed in one visit, but the results don’t last as long and there is an increased incidence of sensitivity.
7. Teeth Whitening doesn’t last forever, however many people who have their teeth whitening report whiter teeth even 3 years after having it done.
8. Well known short-term side effects of tooth whitening may include increased tooth and gum sensitivity, white blotchy patches on the teeth themselves and white patches on the gum line. These side effects are usually short lived and subside shortly after treatment has finished.
9. Whitening toothpastes do not improve the colour of teeth, but may be more effective at removing staining to restore the tooth’s natural colour.

Useful Tooth Whitening Tips:
1. If you are considering using a home teeth whitening kit, seek the advice of your dentist first. Make sure you have had your teeth professionally checked for tooth decay and gum disease before any form of teeth whitening treatment.
2. Always have your teeth whitened by a registered qualified dental professional.
3. Always obtain a written estimate of the cost of tooth whitening before treatment.
4. Make sure your dentist has recorded the shade of your teeth and photographed your teeth both before and after treatment to measure effectiveness of the procedure.
5. Cut down on food and drinks which will stain your teeth such as tea, coffee, red wine and cola.

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